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Email Filing Options

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Filing area display options

window_Emai Filing_Options_Display.pngOrder

You can rearrange the Order in which items are displayed in the filing panel. Select the item you want to move then click the up or down arrow buttons to move it.


You can set default Limits for the number of results to display in the Matched, Recent and Favourite sections.


Tick ​Match on secondary email address to include email addresses as well as the primary email address when matching against contacts.

Tick Display closed Clients, Suppliers, and Assignments if you want to have these included in the the results shown.


If you want emails to be set as deleted in Outlook after they have been uploaded to Document Management tick the Delete email after filing check box.

Use the Expand Client on hover timeout (seconds) option to increase or decrease how long it takes for a folder to be expanded when you hover over it.

Filed Email Details region

Tick the Hide Filed Email Details Region checkbox if you do not want to show the Email Filing panel at the bottom of the preview window.


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