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Create Template

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The Create Template window is used to create new blank Word or Excel templates when no formatted templates from outside system exist

Create a new template

To create a new blank template go to File > Maintenance > Document Management > Templates. Click on Create clipboard_e901ab7537828fa2da1ff52897160ef0e.png

Create Template Window Options


The fields on the window are as follows.



Library (mandatory)

Select the library that the template is for. All libraries that have associated Document Types will be listed. (The Pending library will not be included here as it is used for incoming documents.)

File Name (mandatory) What the file will be called.

A description of the template.

This field will automatically populate with the file name but you can overwrite it.

Template Type (mandatory)

The dropdown lists the types defined in Maintenance > Assignment > Template Types.


Assignment Template

The dropdown lists the assignment templates that have been set up in Maintenance > Assignment > Assignment Templates.

This field will be hidden if the selected library type is not Client Filing.

Document Type

The dropdown lists the document types that have been associated with the selected library.

If Document Types have been associated with Assignment Templates for the Client Filing library, this field will list only the Document Types that are in the selected Assignment Template.

File Type

Select whether you want to create a Word template or an Excel template.

Unless you have included a file extension in the File Name field the extension will default to .dot for Word documents and .xls for Excel documents.

Merge From Reports

Allows the use of fields from a Report as merge fields within the template.

This field will be hidden if the selected library type is not Client Filing.

To (Default) Allows you to select a default association type to be used in the To field on the Create Document window.
FAO (Default)

Where an association is set in To (Default) this will default to use the Default Contact for that associate.

If nothing is set in the To (Default) field then you can set a default association type to be used here.

When the relevant fields have been completed click OK to open the template for editing.

NOTE: The document may open on your task bar.

Select the merge fields you wish to add, selecting Insert after each selection. When finished, select Close.


The merge fields can then be separated, by placing your cursor in between each set of chevrons and pressing enter. You are able to complete your template by amending the layout, font and adding logo's required. if you Cancel and close the Insert Merge Field screen, before finishing, it can be re-opened from the ribbon by clicking clipboard_ef092384a438b610d8b5010898af12f96.png

When you have finished editing the document check it in, using the CCH Filing tab.


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