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Multiple Contacts Filling Overview

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If a single document is attached to multiple clients/contacts and/or assignments, it will display multiple times in both the clients and global document centres. It can be useful to have the Client/Contact column , to be able to see where the document is displayed. This is also visible in the properties panel


A single document can be linked to several contact/clients from within the Add Documents window by adding your first Client/Contact, then click on the Ellipses Buttom Ellipisis.PNG, the Documents Contact window will open. From within the top blank row in the Contacts field, type in the name of the additional Client/Contact. The Search window may open for you to select the correct record.

You can also link the document to more than one Client/Contact when the document is already in the document centre, via the properties panel, by clicking on the Add button in the Contact/Assignment/Job section.



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