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Document Workflows

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Before activating the integration of Central Workflow with Document Management you will need to have some document workflow templates in place. This section shows the basic set up of a document workflow template. For more detailed information refer to the CCH Workflow User Guide.

Workflow Design

Before creating a workflow you should map it out taking into consideration the following.

  1. The full list of steps required.
  2. The ideal step order.
  3. The possible outcomes of each step.
  4. To whom the step should be assigned (an individual or a group of users).
  5. The deadlines associated with each step.
  6. The notifications required.

​Creating a Document Workflow Template

Select File > Maintenance > CCH Workflow > Standard Workflows to access the Standard Workflows window.

To create a new template:

  1. Click the   option on the Task Bar.
  2. Enter the Name of the workflow.
  3. Select Offset Date in the Deadline Date Type dropdown.
  4. Select the appropriate Deadline Date.
  5. Check the Subject is set to Document.
  6. Click OK to create the workflow template.

Adding Workflow Steps

Click on the Name of the newly created workflow template to open it and add steps.

Create the workflow skeleton by adding all the step headings first. You should enter a unique name for each step.

Note: Special characters (i.e. ? * & etc.) are not supported within the Name column.

The other fields for a workflow step are as follows.

Description Enter a description which describes the task being allocated to a user.
Step Type Automated Lock To be used at the end of a document workflow to lock the document and prevent any further changes being made to the document.
Convert doc to Email Will convert a MS Word document to email and send it.
Convert doc to PDF Will convert a MS Word document to PDF format.
Check Employee Category Use where a different next step is required depending on the staff member's category.
Central Task A single option task.
Central Task (Multi Action) A task that can have pass or fail options, or more than one outcome.
Workflow Launcher Will launch another workflow.
Is Milestone A milestone is usually a major task or a logical end to a smaller group of tasks. This setting determines whether the step is displayed on the Workflows Home Page.
Notify by E-mail Notifies the relevant employee that a task has been allocated to them.
Next Step The next step(s) to be executed.
Responsibility Read only column which displays who the task is assigned to.

You should enter a Description, although this is not mandatory, and select the Step Type. Selection of the Step Type will be reflected in the Properties Panel.

Step Type Properties

Each step type has different associated properties. You will need to work through these and in some cases set them appropriately.

Note: for any steps that involve email generation the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) methodology is used, and must be configured in CCH Central. For details of how to do this see Workflow: SMTP Configuration.  In addition any applicable contact records within CCH Central will need to have email addresses entered.

Automated Lock

This step type will typically be used at the end of a document workflow and so does not have any properties to be set. When it is reached in a workflow the document that the workflow is linked to will be locked.

Convert doc to Email

This step will convert a Word document to an email message and send it.  

Convert doc to PDF

This step can be used to convert a MS Word document to PDF format. It is an automated step. The only option to be considered is the step that is moved to when this step is completed.

Once this step is completed the document version will be incremented.

Check Employee Category

This option allows you to set alternative steps based on the category of the employee that is completing the workflow.

Central Task

There are two types of CCH Central Tasks:

  • Task Only - allows a single outcome. When you mark this step completed the workflow moves on to the next step.
  • Pass/Fail - allows two alternative outcomes. Pass will move the workflow to the next predefined step. Fail will revert to an earlier step.

Central Task (Multi Action)

This type of task is similar to a Pass/Fail CCH Central task but allows you to have multiple options for progression of the workflow.


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