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Workflow: SMTP Configuration

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Central Workflow includes automatic email functionality. In order to utilise this you need to have SMTP functionality enabled. ​ Convert doc to Email is a step that is available for Document workflows. When this step is reached in a workflow, providing that you have email addresses entered in Central, the document will be automatically converted to an email and sent. Notify By Email is an option that can be applied for any of the steps that make up a workflow.

System Configuration

 There are three configuration keys available for use under Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration. These allow you to set an SMTP Server, the relevant Server Port, and the encryption method to be used.

Key Name Key Value Comments
SMTPServer The key value represents the SMTP address
SMTPServerPort 587 The key value represents the open port for the SMTP Server
SMTPServerEncryption   No encryption layer required by the server
SSL     Enables the Secure Sockets Layer public-key encryption
TLS Enables the Transport Layer Security public-key encryption

Once these configuration keys are set up you will need to ensure that SMTP username and SMTP password are added in the Password section for each employee.


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