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Creating a Group

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This section explains how to set up a group to be able to use the Groups module within CCH Corporation Tax.

How to set up a group 

To create a new group you will need to create a notional Corporation Tax client which is to act as the group parent for this purpose.

It is possible to use a Corporation Tax client, which completes Corporation Tax Returns, as the group parent instead of setting up a notional record. This client has both Tax Returns and Tax Group tabs with associated Periods of Account. Use an existing client and follow the steps below.

Once the new group client has been created it is necessary to set the client as a 'Group' entity.

Click on the ellipsis to the right of the client name.


The Amend Client Name window appears.


Select the Group tick box.

Click OK.

Close and reopen the client for the changes to take effect.


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