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Creating a Profit and Loss using CCH Accounts Production

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This section explains how to create a Profit & Loss within a period of account in CCH Corporation Tax using the information within CCH Accounts Production.

Updating and creating a Profit & Loss using CCH Accounts Production 

The information from CCH Accounts Production can be either updated manually by selecting the Update from Accounts hyperlink in the top ribbon or automatically update the Profit & Loss by setting up the appropriate client tax links.

Please see the Linking products section on how to set up the automatic update of information.

To see the Profit & Loss in Corporation Tax:

Select Insert  from the Profit & Loss section of the top ribbon.


Select Update from Accounts in the Top Ribbon

The detailed information from CCH Accounts Production will appear:


The categories displayed represent the categories within the chart of accounts used in CCH Accounts Production.

Tick the Suppress box to exclude a row and any underlying analysis from the printed computation.

The sub analyses can be accessed via the hyperlinks or via the Data navigator




Any unanalysed difference between the total per accounts seen on the main Profit & Loss window and the total analysed in this window  will be shown at the foot of the analysis window.

Right clicking on a figure in the Per Accounts column gives the option to View AP Details



This will show the nominal account breakdown of the figure in Accounts Production


To make the adjustments for tax purposes please see the section on Linking Products



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