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Breadcrumb navigation

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This section explains how to use Breadcrumbs as an additional means of navigation around the software.


A standard means of navigating around web pages, the Breadcrumbs appear horzontally across the top of the ta return tabs. The provide a trail for you to follow back to the starting point or to navigate further into the tax return data entry screens.

Quickly navigate between screens in a given area based on the parent node. For example, the screen shot below details how to navigate between screens that relate to Trade items.



The relevant 'parent' (i.e. the screen to which that data entry is active) will be highlighed in bold font. In this example, the active data entry screen is the Disallowables/Adjustments for 'Trade'.

Clicking the black arrow to the right of Trading income displays all trades present in that company and the active one will be bold. Clicking on any of these trade names (or other relevant headings) will navigate to that screen.


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