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GDPR Deletion

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GDPR advises clients may request the deletion of any data that companies possess relating to them. CCH Central allows practices the ability to set a GDPR Deletion Date where clients make a request for erasure of their personal data; or, if the client or contact deletion routine fails for example, the client has unpaid WIP, running workflows, or documents and tasks.


The client and contact deletion routine has been enhanced, so that the deletion process is displayed in a new dialog, called Delete Client Data, which pops up after the user confirms the client or contact deletion.

In the first stage of the client or contact deletion process, CCH Central checks if the deletion validation rules are met to delete the client or the contact for all the products for which the practice is licensed for:


If the client cannot be deleted, the deletion routine is stopped and a tooltip with the reason the client or contact could not be deleted is displayed for the products which prevented the deletion:

delete client2.png

If the deletion is approved for all the products, the client or contact data is deleted on all products for which the practice is licensed for:



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