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About CCH Backup and Restore

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CSI Installation

Any new sites using the CSI to install your SQL instance, Central Database and the Backup Utility, will find that the Backup and Restore Utility automatically creates a CCH Backup maintenance plan to include both the Central and Document Database.

Anyone wanting to create additional scheduled backups, above the standard maintenance plans, should use the relevant Help pages for guidance.

When using the CSI to install the CCH Backup and Restore Utility, the typical installation path is as follows:

?:\Program Files (X86)\CCH Utility\SQL Backup and Restore.

The CCH Backup & Restore Utility is for CCH based products only and that it can only backup databases on locally installed SQL instances on machines.

Upgrades from v6.0.1

Any existing sites upgrading from v6.0.1 will find that while the Backup and Restore Utility functions the same, it now has the additional ability to create Differential and Copy backups with both the ad hoc and scheduled options.

No automatic maintenance plans are created when upgrading to the current version.

When upgrading the Backup and Restore Utility from v6.0.1, a typical installation path was as follows:

?:\Program Files (X86)\CCH ProSystem\SQL Backup and Restore


?:\Program Files (x86)\CCH Utility


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