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Licensing - Troubleshooting

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The system thinks incorrectly that all licences are used 

This can happen on a product that is licensed on concurrent users if the system has generated an exception while in a client, i.e. if "Central has crashed". To fix this, proceed as follows:

  1. Check Help > About > Product Licence Information.
  2. Select the product which cannot be accessed and against the Concurrent Users line, click the Users link. This shows which users Licensing thinks are in the application.
  3. If you know that one of these users is not in the application, go to that user's workstation.
  4. Exit Central if it is running on that workstation.
  5. Run Task Manager.
  6. On the Processes tab look for ClientFramework.exe.
  7. If it is present, select ClientFramework.exe and then click End Process. Confirm that you wish to end it.
  8. You can log back into Central and continue working immediately, although not in the application that did not free the licence.
  9. Wait 10 minutes.
  10. The licence is freed and you should be able to use the application as usual.


If ClientFramework.exe is not running in the Task Manager, then you just need to wait 10 minutes for the licence to be freed.


Applications licensed on concurrent users utilise a licence when a user goes into the application and free the licence when the user comes out. But in addition, the application notifies Central every 10 minutes that the user is still in the application. If a user goes into the application and Central crashes, then it is possible that the application is still running, although it is not visible, and is still notifying Central that the user is in the application. This is why we need to terminate ClientFramework.exe if it is still running in Task Manager. Once the application is no longer telling Central that there is someone in the application, then you need to wait 10 minutes before the system can detect that that no more 10 minute messages are arriving and that the user is not in the application.

“Download PIN: No PIN present in the database”

On clicking Download, you get a message “Download PIN: No PIN present in the database”. Wait 15 minutes and try again. If it still does not work, please contact CCH on to ask for a PIN file.

“Failed to decode the PIN number”

This message can occur when downloading or importing a PIN in 2 circumstances:

  • It happens if the client code has been entered in lower case. To correct the client code:
    • Log into Central as a Super User and select  File > Help > About > PIN Management.
    • Click Update and check the client code is correct.
  • It also happens if you try to import an old PIN file. PIN Files are only valid in the month they are issued and the following month. After that they can not be decoded.


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