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A job lists the analysis for any assignment.

An example of jobs which could be work carried out at different intervals and described along the lines of:

  • a yearly job example — 2018, 2019, 2020 and so on

  • a quarterly job example   —  2020/Qtr 1, 2020/Qtr 2, etc.

  • a monthly bookkeeping or a weekly payroll example — 2020/Feb or 2020/Wk 1.

The frequency of a job can be setup at a global level to keep consistency and to allow for the bulk update roll forward process.

Under File, Maintenance, Assignments, Assignment Templates then under the tab Main Details you can choose the Job Settings i.e. the frequency and algorithm for the job for each assignment.


When the job is added to the client, it will show under the Assignments' tab with a hyperlink.

 Jobs under client's assignment.PNG




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