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Bulk Update Wizard: Delivery Method field

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How to bulk update Delivery Method field


A new option has been added to the Bulk Update Wizard for Assignments called Delivery Method, giving users the ability to update the Delivery Method field from the Assignment screen > WIP tab > Fee Budgets and Repeat Bills section.


Bulk Update - Delivery Method field

To bulk update the value of the Delivery Method field, select the assignments from the Find Assignments screen then click on Bulk Update option from the ribbon.



Step 1 - Delivery Method

In Step 1 of Bulk Update Wizard, select Delivery Method from the Field Name drop down list and click Next.


Step 2 - Delivery Method value

In Step 2, set the value for the Delivery Method field and click Next. The available values are: Post, Portal and Email.

Step 3 - Confirmation tab

In Step 3, the Confirmation tab of Bulk Update Wizard, displays the number of records that will be updated. Click 'Finish' to update the Delivery Method field for the selected assignments.


If the Delivery Method field is successfully updated for all the selected assignments, the following dialog will be displayed:


Click on OK and the process is completed.

Note: Delivery Method is a new field that was added for assignments. The value set on this field at assignment level is used in Billing Wizard. The bill is created and filed into CCH Document Management a Document workflow that contains the Check Delivery Method activity can be started. This activity checks the value of the Delivery Method set on the bill and depending on this value, the bill is then emailed to clients or published to CCH OneClick.

Full description of this functionality can be found in the CCH Workflow section > Emailing Bills using Delivery Method.


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