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Entering custom field and category information (Extra fields)

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Custom categories are mainly used as a sort criterion for reporting purposes. Custom fields are a useful way of storing information which does not logically sit elsewhere in the contact, client, supplier or employee's information. The procedure for entering custom field and custom category information is the same for contacts, clients, suppliers, assignments or employees. There is an Extra tab on each of the relevant pages enabling you to do this.

The Extra tab

You can enter and maintain Extra information on the Extra tab on the Contact, Client, Supplier, Assignment or Employee page

When using the Add New wizard for contacts, clients, suppliers or employees you will be able to enter extra information as part of the process

Sort by ascending or descending order

You can sort the fields by clicking in the column heading you want to sort by. You can sort by ascending or descending order. Click to change the current sort order.

Group by column heading

You can also group the items by dragging a column heading to the grey area above the list, which will then group by the selected heading. For example, if you drag the column heading Data Type to the grey area, the list will show the items grouped by text type, or date type etc.

Note: Mandatory items are indicated by this icon  Mandatory Extra Field. You will need to enter a value for these items before you can proceed. Extra information can be specified as mandatory via the Maintenance menu. This is also where they are defined as being applicable for contacts, clients, suppliers, assignments or employees

Enter Extra information for a contact

  1. Open the Contact, Client, Supplier, Assignment or Employee page.
  2. In the Extra tab, click in the Value column against the item you want to enter a value for. 
  3. For a custom category Custom Category, select the required value from the drop-down list. For a custom field Custom Field, type the value into the Value field.
  4. Click another cell in the Value column or press [Enter] to save the entry.

Note: The Type column tells you whether the information on the line is a custom field or category.

Custom Field This icon indicates a custom field.

Custom Category This icon indicates a custom category.  

New custom fields and categories are created through the Maintenance area. If you require new custom fields or categories, request your system administrator to set them up for you



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