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Import CGT and DS Transactions

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This option allows for the electronic import of transactions into the application thus avoiding the need for the data to be re-entered.

Formats Supported

Two different formats of input file are supported. The old style IMP format that was used to import data into legacy CCH Gains is supported although it has certain limitations and it is no longer the recommended format:

  • It can only be used if the portfolio references are unique as there is no ability to specify the client code with this format.
  • It only recognises securities by SEDOL code or CCH code, depending on which code type the user is licensed for. External sources do not use the CCH code which makes this format only useful for SEDOL code users.
  • The file format is not very easy to generate.

 There is also a CSV format. This has the following advantages:

  1. You can reference the portfolio using the client code (and the portfolio reference if the client has more than 1 portfolio).
  2. You can reference the portfolio using the broker's account number.
  3. With this format the system recognises security codes which are SEDOL or ISIN codes, even if the system is licensed for CCH codes.
  4. The file format is easily created from an Excel spreadsheet.

The specification is attached below.



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