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Risk Model Deactivation

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When a Master Pack has been designed without a risk model, there are various changes visible in the client pack.

When a master pack has been designed without a risk model, the following changes are visible in the client pack:

• The tool bar routine called [Risk analysis] are renamed [Materiality]. Selecting these will take you directly to the Materiality override dialog.
• The [Risk analysis] options become inactive.
• The option to review [Outstanding questions] on the planning menu will become disabled.
• The audit programmes can be initialised or updated at any time as no check is carried out for risk model completeness.
• The 3 items relating to planning in the Planning review dialog are deactivated.
• No risk related pages are printed with the planning section.

The materiality calculation and override remains active as it is possible that you may wish to calculate materiality even though risk assessment is not relevant.


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