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Master Pack Graphs

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CCH Audit Automation can calculate up to four materiality figures, which are produced by reference to the materiality factor base.

Standard graphs can be defined in the master pack using the Master Pack Graphs option. These graphs will be copied to form a default set of user defined graphs in any audit pack created based on the master. Once the graphs are present in the audit pack, they can be edited on a client by client basis.

When you attach the audit pack to a new master pack, the system scans the graphs in the master pack and if any graphs are found that are not present in the audit pack, they will be added. Hence, any new graphs added when the master pack is updated will automatically find their way into the audit pack attached to them.

A button also exists on the Client control data dialog, called [Refresh graphs]. Selecting this will add to the user defined graph list any new graphs that have been added to the master pack to which the client is attached. 

Accessing Master Pack graphs

To access the master pack graphs, select the master pack to edit. Click on Master graphs from the master options list and the User defined graphs dialog will appear.

The details of how to define, edit and delete graphs are covered in section 34 of the User Reference manual.


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