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Mercia Charity Packs: CCH Accounts Production FRS 102 Chart of Accounts and Working Papers

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Downloading the installation routine

Create a temporary folder to hold the downloaded file.
Download the installation executable from the download page


Note: You will need to install the chart in each charity master pack. Hence you must run the following procedure on each standard charity pack installed on your system.

After the download is complete, browse to the temporary folder and double-click to open it. Double-click the file CCH AP FRS102 charity chart setup Mercia.EXE and proceed as follows:

If you see the User Account Control dialog, click on 'Yes' to proceed. You will be presented with a series of screen:

Click 'Next'

clipboard_e9734ab78eb09e0aaa95580837123e355.png The installation program will offer you our standard default directory on Drive C.
  1. Click on Browse and select the folder in which your master packs are stored.
  2. Within the folder will be listed the directories containing the master audit packs used on your system - these will be shown with an extension of “.MST”.
  3. Select the directory relating to the pack to be updated.

Click 'Next'


Click 'Next'


Click 'Finish'

Provided the directory selected contains a master pack, the nominal chart and associated data will be updated, otherwise you will be informed that the installation cannot proceed, and the process will abort. Repeat the above process on each company master pack present on the system.

Note: when we issue pack updates they will contain the original chart and you will need to repeat this procedure to update them to the CCH Accounts Production chart so please retain the installation EXE for future use

The CCH Accounts Production chart This installation contains a chart of accounts designed to match the chart used in CCH Accounts Production and allows a one step transfer of data both from and to that program. The audit programmes, checklists and planning schedules remain exactly the same as those supplied in the standard packs, as set out in the Master Audit Pack manual. The CCH chart is based on a 4 digit alphanumeric code in the following format:

Where 999Z
9 = a number from 1 to 9
Z = a character indicating the last nominal in a range

CCH Audit Automation uses a number from 0 to 999,999 to identify accounts and hence a standard conversion formula has been used to convert each CCH code to an account number in Audit Automation. Using this formula it will be possible for you to calculate the correct account number to create to match any new codes that you add for a CCH client. This will ensure that the new accounts appear in the correct logical section in the audit file. The formula is as follows:

  Accounts Production Audit Automation
Characters 1 to 3 000 to 999 00 to 99
Character 4 0 to Z 0 to 9
Examples: 0010 0010
  788Z 7889

For any new accounts that you add ensure that you enter the CCH Accounts Production code in the Alpha Code field for the account and that you allocate the account to the correct classification and category.