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Latest Master Packs versions available in CCH Audit Automation (as from Jan 2024) 

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IMER (Mercia Company Audit Pack) V19.000

IPCAS (PCAS private company audit system) V17.000

IFULL (CCH - ISA Full Audit Pack) V14.000

IMERG (Mercia Group Audit Pack) V19.000

PAAPCH (PCAS Charity) V16.000

IGROUP (CCH - ISA Group Audit Pack) V14.000

MERPEN (Mercia Pension Audit Pack) V10.000

PAAPPEN (Pension Audit Pack PAAP) V16.000

CCHCH (CCH - Charity Audit Pack) V15.000

MERCHA (Mercia Charities Audit Pack) V17.000

PCASAD (Private Company Academy) V11.000

CCHLLP (CCH - LLP Master Pack) V13.000

MERLLP (Mercia – LLP Audit Pack) V11.000

PCASNA (Private Company – Audit exemption) V16.000

IPEN (CCH - ISA Pension Scheme Audit) V11.000

MERACD (Mercia Academies Audit Pack) V11.000


IPENEM (CCH – ISA Pension Earmarked Scheme) V10.000

MERAEX (Mercia Audit Exemption) V18.000


LAP (CCH - Limited Assurance Pack) V13.000



NONAUD (CCH - Non Audit Pack) V23.000



ISMALL (CCH – ISA Small Audit Pack) V12.000*
* no longer used with ISA315 revised standard (from November 2022)




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