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Adding a Format

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You can add a format to a collection so that it can be included in the report.

File > Maintenance > Accounts > Format Designer

In this screen you have the option to add a page/note from another Collection or edit an existing page/note.  The addition/change will be refelected for all clients using the master pack in use when the addition/change for the entity was made.

Example: to bring in the Exception Report from the Management Collection to the top of the Full Collection within the Limited (FRS102 entity).

  • Select the Entity: e.g. Limited (FRS102)
  • Select the unpublished Master Pack: e.g. 41.01
  • Ensure the Collection Name is Full Accounts
  • Size: Default
  • The page/note to be added will appear above the one selected, below this will be above the Front Cover
  • On the Ribbon Bar select Add Format (if this is greyed out, you are not using a draft master pack - if required To create a draft master pack go to Master Packs - creating a new master pack)
  • When you select Add Format, a pop-up display the nmessage a "Add format from a client", choose No


  • From the Select format to add dialogue box choose: 
    • Collection: Management
    • Company Size: Default
    • Select the page you wish to Add, in our example this is the Exception Report
    • Then Click OK
    • Now this page will appear at the top of the Full Collection.

Note: If you have brought in a page in and need to move it down (or up) click on Change sequence on the ribbon and drag and drop into position.




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