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Entity Copy

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CCH Accounts Production provides the ability to create bespoke entity types such as Vets, Estate Agents and so on, and then customise the master pack contents. The custom entity must be based upon an existing CCH entity to provide the initial master pack data. Once copied it can then be customised.

To create a new entity based upon an existing CCH entity

Navigate to: File > Maintenance > Accounts > Entity Copy

The entity created will never be updated in future releases of CCH Central/CCH Accounts Production and therefore should NOT be used for any entities which are required to report under a set of compliance standards.

  • Select the Type, e.g. Unincorporated.
  • Select the Entity, e.g. Unincorporated.
  • Enter a name for the New Entity.
  • Click the Create button to the right of the screen.


  • The entity copy process will go through 4 stages and a progress bar is shown on the screen. 
  • Once complete a message will be displayed, assuming this has been successful, click OK and the new entity will be shown in the list. 
  • This entity will be an exact copy of the entity copied any may be customised at the master level to meet the requiremrents of the new entity. 


It is possible to "clone a clone". For example you may clone the Unincorporated master pack to create a custom entity called "Doctors", and then modify the Doctors master pack, before cloning it again to create a second custom entity called "Dentists".


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