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Chart maintenance


File > Maintenance > Accounts > Charts

Bespoke Charts can be created and attached to a new entity upon creation. This involves a three-step process:


  1. the new chart
  2. the correct categories
  3. the required codes.

1. Creating the new chart

  • Select the entity type that the new chart will apply to.
  • Select the master pack that the new chart will apply to, note this master pack must be in an unpublished state to be able to create a new chart.
  • In the name field, type in the name of the chart.
  • In the MainCode Length field select the relevant e.g. 4 digits.  Select the SubCode Length, e.g. 2 digits.

2/3. Adding the new nominal to the chart

  • File > Maintenance > Accounts > Chart Nominal
  • Select the correct entity type and master pack.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to chart name to select the relevant chart.
  • Add the required nominal codes, the nominal will belong to a category.
  • Repeat the process until the chart is complete.


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