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Finalise and Year End options

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Finalise and Year-end Options in CCH Accounts Production.

Year End options

From the Task Bar, choose the Accounts Production Home screen clipboard_e0042ddd9d429ec22487e7cc6685b97df.png the year end options are on the ribbon for this screen.

Year end and Finalise.png 

Year End performs a roll forward of financial data as does Finalise Accounts & Year End, the latter will also lock down the current period (finalise it). 

The period for the next twelve months is created. 

If this next period is an a long or short period of account you will edit the period within the General page in the General folder in the Statutory Database (SDB), to do this see SDB section: Statutory Database Selections and Data Entry

Note: the Finalise Accounts option on the ribbon will finalise (lock down) a period without creating the next accounting period.


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