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Common Ribbon Options within CCH Accounts Production

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This page gives an overview of items on the ribbon, which are on most screens within CCH Accounts Production.

Common ribbon options

On the screens within CCH Accounts Production, except for:

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Statutory Database and Financial Statements clipboard_ef1c365ab3e8a1f6cbf64a7185d0b0c33.png

you will see similar options; these are explained below.

Printing and Exporting to Excel



Select the option Print and depending on the screen choose relevant option, for example in the Receipts screen a print dialog appears from where you can print or preview the transactions using the default settings.  Advanced options are accessible via the Options button: change the header, footer and set various other print options as well as change the column widths.


Note: Within the View Transactions screen to print a list of transactions select List Report from the ribbon, which will print the view displayed on the screen, Debit/Credit by amount or nominal depending on how the screen is displayed


Select the option Export to export and create a worksheet in Excel containing the transactions displayed on the grid. The file is output in Excel as an XML spreadsheet, which may be saved as an Excel workbook.

Filtering and Grouping Data; the Field Chooser



Filters may be added to restrict the contents of the grid to only display transactions that match a specified criterion.  Click Filter on the ribbon, add the filter criteria, choose the field, instruction and condition, e.g. where the amount exceeds £250,000.  Filters are a quick and easy way to search.  The filter is an on/off option.

Group By

To group transactions, click Group By on the ribbon and then drag the column title to the group area at the top of the grid. Sub groupings may be added by dragging further column titles to the area. To remove a grouping, drag the group title back to the grid.  Group settings are persevered and automatically used the next time you view transactions.

Field chooser

The Show Field Chooser option displays the Field Chooser dialog, which allows you to add or remove columns from a grid using drag and drop or double click.

Shortcut Keys

On some screens you will see this icon




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