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CCH Workflow - Known Issues



CCH Workflow - Known Issues

Last update: 02 April 2024

Date Raised ITS Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
22/02/2024 67963 What causes the message 'Workflow Service - 2023_1 Coordinator Slow' in the Workflow Console   TBC
05/12/2023 67902 When you change the contact type of a client, workflows on it are removed/deleted   TBC
01/12/2023 66474 Convert Smart Report to PDF - Unspec Workflow Owner   TBC
24/08/2022 66382 Temp Workflow tasks where the user to use the Select option  missing underlying Notes XML data Workaround: Complete task from workflow homepage control TBC
22/06/2022   The email body can encounter display/alignment issues and images may be missing when using either the 'Create email from document or Covert document to email' workflow activities   TBC
22/06/2022   With the use of the 'Create Email from Document' and 'Convert Doc to Email' activities, where a document is sent as an attachment to the client, the resulting email stored in CCH Document Management appears as a draft email, instead of a sent email. None - The state (draft/sent) of the email stored in Document Management does not reflect the email transmittal status (unsent/sent or delivered).  The Workflow system will convert the document to a file type of msg where the SMTP providers respond with an outcome to indicate a sent without bounce back or error status.  Where any response is received that indicates that the email was not sent (or is undelivered where available), the workflow system proceeds down the 'Fail' outcome and does not convert the target document to an Email. TBC

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