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CCH Trust Accounts - Known Issues



CCH Trust Accounts - Known Issues

Last update: 01 Apr 2022

Date Raised ITS Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
14/03/2017 56233 Limitations on the formulae that can be used in a nominal range or a RangeDef
  • A nominal range supports the ~ pattern-matching operator, e.g. =AP("(a,8101~8901)"), but you cannot drill down from the accounts to see the make-up of a balance given by such a formula.
  • A nominal range does not support the ~M100 or ~S2 syntax to step through main accounts or subaccounts. The same applies to RangeDef commands.
  • =AP("RangeDef,0020..005Z,,a,-1,0,ab”) is not supported. It needs to be written as =AP("RangeDef,0020,005Z,a,-1,0,ab”).
  • The Nz command supports the same nominal formulae as a RangeDef.
  To be confirmed
28/03/2017 56259 Pages with a format code different from the CCH masters: After conversion from VAP these pages may appear in the wrong position
If a CCH Accounts Production (VAP) page has a code that does not match any of the CCH masters it will not appear in the correct position in the list of pages after conversion from CCH Accounts Production (VAP) to CCH Accounts Production. The conversion converts the pages whose names match the CCH masters and adds any other pages on the end.
After conversion you need to drag the pages back to their correct position. To be confirmed

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