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CCH Practice Management - Known Issues



CCH Practice Management - Known Issues

Last update:  24 April 2024

Date Raised ITS Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
26/04/2024 68020 AML History tab error when opening up a Supplier   2024.1 Service Pack
06/03/2024 67980 Smart Reports: Debtors/Aged Debtors: Provisions to only show up to Report Date   2024.1
01/03/2024 67978 Multicurrency - Auto Close of WIP and Debt can cause issues   TBC
12/02/2024 67953 ePay - additional error diagnostics required to identify URL generation failures   TBC
04/02/2024 67943 Fix 2 Self Authorisation Expense and Disbursement Sheet Faults with regards to Can Auth on Behalf of.   TBC
01/02/2024 67941 CSV import - unable to obtain required MS driver for both 32 and 64 bit environment   TBC
26/01/2024 67936 Improve the Bills tab load performance   2024.1
26/01/2024 67935 Improve the WIP Enquiry performance   TBC
08/12/2023 67904 When posted bill are stored in DM, the Archive and Destruction dates are not applied.   TBC
15/11/2023 67885 Repeat Billing - Autopost function can fail if Terms Days on client set to 0   TBC
09/11/2023 67880 PMTF - Sync can stop working with no import errors showing if cash entered in Twinfield dated in closed period   TBC
06/11/2023 67872 Bill Preview when posted invoice or when PDF posted invoice slow in Azure Virtual Desktop   TBC
27/10/2023 67866 The timesheet active user count at employee create timesheet point is incorrect   TBC
29/08/2023 67794 Smart reports - "report would return too much data" error can appear if Parent Name > 120 characters   TBC
22/08/2023 67790 Twinfield - Sync can stop working if a transaction contains NULL value in TWCompanyCode   TBC
11/08/2023 67783 ETC's in repeat bills incorrectly allocated against employee instead of Unspec   TBC
08/08/2023 67773 Billed disbursement lines can be amended in draft disbursement sheet   TBC
17/05/2023 67685 PM/TF - Service settings screen - Twinfield year end transactions show on Import errors tab   TBC
25/04/2023 66653 Export to Twinfield: ExportDataToTwinfield method cannot accept a value greater than 32767 as the data type is incorrect   2024.1 SP2
24/03/2023 66622 Closing clients - incorrect Bad Debt Cash Transactions being generated   TBC
16/02/2023 66571 Smart reports: Employee -> Employee Activity - report can fail to run if assignment code > 50 characters   TBC
07/02/2023 66559 PM/TF - VAT element on Bad Debts being exported as Sales VAT and not Purchase VAT   TBC
30/01/2023 66542 Billing - Missing ePay values in ProductConfiguration table causes bill posting issue when upgrading from 2020.2 to 2022.3   TBC
12/01/2023 66502 Timesheets - constructor error can appear if timesheet contains an assignment(s) with broken relationship to Activity table   TBC
23/12/2022 66491 Billing wizard - dialog not always displaying full client/assignment name when adding ETC/Misc charge   TBC
24/10/2022 66433 Homepage Control - Bills to Approve: users able to authorise and post bills without authorisation rights   TBC
12/10/2022 66422 Bill delivery workflows - write-off bills can be emailed with wrong client details   TBC
29/09/2022 66417 Central Hub service - "IsTwinfieldServiceActive" key value in config file changed to "0" on upgrade Contact support for instructions TBC
22/09/2022 66410 Billing Wizard - Adding Misc charge/ETC list of child clients no longer listed in alphabetical order   TBC
29/06/2022 66320 VAT invoices - Date of VAT invoice credit note generated when processing receipt reversal against RFP can be incorrect   TBC
10/05/2022 66259 Batch bill printing - compatibility issue with latest version of Microsoft 365 suite   TBC
19/04/2022 66239 Expenses import - import can fail even when entries are valid in import file Contact support for script TBC
07/04/2022 66230 Smart reports - Debtor Statement Balance Forward report can fail to run stating there is too much data to return Contact support for script TBC
02/02/2022 66168 Auto Post does not inherit the Authorise on Behalf of listed employees   TBC

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