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CCH Central - Known Issues



CCH Central - Known Issues

Last update: 29 April 2024

Date Raised ITS Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
26/04/2024 68020 Advanced Search not returning results dependent on Extra field security

Turn off Extra Fields for the Client Search
Configuration Key Change
KeyName: ClientSearchAddExtraFields
Key Value: 0

Or turn off Extra Field Security either by giving access to all, or removing any restrictions currently in place

04/04/2024 68007 Failed to load AML history tab Please contact support for an update script 2024.1 SP2
14/03/2024 67988 Please replace Support Telephone number with the address for Support Portal   TBC
26/02/2024 67970 D\Incorporated , Date Incorporated field is restricted. Prior to 1900 is unavailable   TBC
21/02/2024 67961 Fix reporting extreme performance issue   TBC
26/01/2024 67934 Improve Find Client Screen performance where ClientSearchAddExtraFields config is enabled   2024.1
26/01/2024 67933 Export to Excel from either the SR parameter screen or from the ribbon on the face of the generated report may fail   TBC
23/01/2024 67930 Smart Reports Assignment Partner and Assignment Manager Fields duplication prevents dropdown option   TBC
12/10/2023 67848 Employee > Main > Password > Web Password is now redundant   TBC
04/09/2023 67799 Employee Security Group Report relies on Document Management   TBC
16/08/2023 67785 Assignment List > unable to Bulk update Responsibility. Error: Update Error Column 'AssignmentScheduleId' does not belong to table Table   TBC
31/07/2023 67759 DB upgrade error for Central: CCH Batch Exception: Line: 0 Procedure:fn_Contact Error Line: 60 Invalid column name 'DLNumber'. Invalid c   TBC
25/07/2023 67757 Convert to PDF changes font   TBC
25/07/2023 67756 Reporting - Date formatting changing when exporting to Excel   2024.1
19/07/2023 67747 Client Closed date does not display   2023.3
06/07/2023 67732 Employees can change others' passwords   TBC
11/05/2023 66678 Remove the word 'The' from Unable to travel data error message   TBC
03/05/2023 66668 Central Database upgrade error - The module 'CL_Delete_Client_Supplier' depends on the missing object 'Document.dbo.DM_DestroyDocuments / The module 'CL_Delete_Client_Supplier' depends on the missing object 'DM_SetDestructionFlag / The module 'CL_Delete_Client_Supplier' depends on the missing object 'DM_Destruction_Cleanup If NOT Licenced for CCH DM, firms can ingore, If licenced for CCH DM, contact Customer Care and Support TBC
11/04/2023 66637 Mail Merges with output via 'Publish to CCH OneClick' where an Association selected, does not list all expected OneClick activated Associated Contacts for the selected Clients.   TBC
02/02/2023 66551 Clients: Bulk update routine ignores Assignment task permissions   TBC
21/01/2023 66526 Assignments: Unable to save list   TBC
04/01/2023 66494 Convert Contact to Client does not set Default Currency   TBC
24/06/2022 66313 Smart Reports: Cannot run report, Script entered via designer isn't valid   TBC
15/05/2022 66276 Performance issues relating to missing the CO_SEC employee from the system which causes the Central Hub Service to spiral   TBC
15/05/2022 66275

Performance issue related to the size of the ActivityResponsibility table which causes a bad plan

27/04/2022 66248 Access to employee records via other screens should be consistent with the employee search/authorisation lists   TBC

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