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Other Trust Accounts options that involve AP

Zipping or unzipping a client

When a client is zipped using File > Zip in Trust Accounts, the zip file includes client information from AP such as the local pages and Statutory Database information. If Central is not already running then Trust Accounts will start Central, as Central needs to be running to complete the task. The same applies to unzipping a client.

Tip: If Trust Accounts has started Central then the Central window may be open in front of Trust Accounts. A message from Trust Accounts such as “ successfully created” can easily be missed. If nothing seems to be happening in Central, click the Trust Accounts icon to bring Trust Accounts to the front and check if there is any message showing.

Deleting a client

If a client is deleted from Trust Accounts, the system will delete the associated Accounting Periods from AP. This requires opening Central if it is not open. Again, the user needs to check Trust Accounts if nothing seems to be happening in Central.

Switching off the nominal ledger

If the nominal ledger of a client is switched off by using Edit Client > Ledgers and unticking Nominal Ledger then any related accounting periods for the client in Central are deleted.

Global Accounts Production

Global Accounts Production can be used from Trust Accounts to produce accounts for multiple clients in a single operation. Again this requires Central to be open and messages from Trust Accounts could be missed if Central is open in front of Trust Accounts. 



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