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How to unlink a supplier address

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  1. On the main toolbar click the Suppliers button File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../360_How+to+unlink+a+supplier+address/Supplier_button_on_main_toolbar_SMALL.gif.
    The Find Suppliers page is displayed.

  2. In the Search for field, type in the name (or part of the name) of the record you want to search for.

  3. Click Search or press the [Enter] key.
    The records that match your search criteria are listed in the window.

  4. Double-click the record you want to remove the address link from.
    The Supplier page for the selected record is displayed.

  5. Click the Detail tab to display it.
    The Detail tab opens with all linked address types listed in the Address Types box.

  6. If the supplier has more than one address, select the Address Type to unlink by clicking it.
    The selected Address Type appears highlighted and the Address, Town, County, Post Code and Country fields update to display the linked address.

  7. With the Address Type highlighted, click the Unlink button File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../360_How+to+unlink+a+supplier+address/unlink_button.gif to unlink the address.
    The Unlink Confirm message appears.

  8. Click Yes to unlink the selected address from the selected supplier.
    The address is unlinked from the supplier and no longer appears in the Address Types box or on the Address Maintenance window for the supplier.


Unlinking an address from a supplier does not delete address from the database - it only deletes the link from the supplier. You can later add a link to the same address.

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