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About Address Maintenance

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How addresses are stored and reused

Addresses are stored in a central area. When you create a new supplier, you can either

  • select an address from the central list of addresses using the Address Maintenance page


  • add a new address in the database for the supplier.

Storing addresses in a central area in this way means that it is easy for addresses to be reused for contacts, clients and suppliers and you do not have duplicate address entries. Also, when an address is modified, the changes apply for all linked clients, contacts and suppliers.

The Address Maintenance window

To access the Address Maintenance window, on the Detail tab of a supplier page, click the Search button. The Address Maintenance window opens displaying any addresses currently linked to the selected supplier.

Using the Address Maintenance window you can create addresses and link them to suppliers. You can also amend the details of an existing address or delete one that is no longer required. You can also use the window to view which suppliers are linked to an address by selecting the address and clicking the Show button. The first column in the table titled Linked displays how many times an address has been linked.

The Address Maintenance window displays the Find a pick list and which starts with search field at the top of the page, as well as a table that displays addresses.  The Show, Link and Delete buttons are displayed at the bottom right of the window.




Display a list of the suppliers that are linked to the currently selected address


Create a link between the highlighted address and the currently selected supplier


Delete the highlighted address. If you delete an address you will lose the address from the database as well as remove links from the address to any suppliers

You can directly edit the text in the address table by selecting the address line and typing in the rows. You can add new addresses by typing in the blank line at the top of the page. While creating a new address you can choose to either

  • link it to the selected supplier


  • save the address in the database and link it to a client, contact or supplier at another time


You can add and edit addresses in the Address Maintenance window regardless of which Supplier page you access the window from. However, if you want to create a link between an address and a supplier, you will need to open the Supplier page for that supplier and create it from there.

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