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Taking on balances from earlier years

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It is often necessary to take on balances from earlier years, for instance where 1982 holdings exist in the portfolio. These balances may or may not include indexation.

Taking on balances

Use the Balance B/fwd screen.

Holding, Cost and 1982 Cost

Enter the unindexed cost for the Cost figure. If s35 Election has been ticked at Portfolio level then enter the Cost as the 1982 market value. If it has not been ticked, then enter the Cost as the original cost and the 1982 market value in the 1982 Cost field.


Follow the guidance on the Balance B/Fwd screen. So for a 1982 pool use Pool. For a later pooled balance use Newpool

Indexation Date

Entered in the format "mm/yy". This is the date up to which indexation has been calculated. If an acquisition is being entered then this is the month of the acquisition date. If no indexation has been calculated then enter "03/82" or the acquisition date, whichever is later.


This is the indexation up to the Indexation Date. If no indexation has been calculated enter 0. Do not leave the field blank; otherwise a warning is displayed and indexation is not calculated.



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