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Mail Merge


A powerful mail merge component allows you to utilise data stored in the database to create letters to send to clients. Using Microsoft Word templates you can generate multiple copies of the same letter and personally address the letter to each recipient.

Variables (for example, client names and addresses) are used to provide the personalised information for these letters.

Mail merge can be used for producing mailing labels, creating marketing letters for the practice and generating regular newsletters, which can be sent to your clients keeping them informed of any changes, financial news, etcetera.

The mail merge feature is in the form of an easy to use wizard, which leads you through the four steps required to complete the mail merge. The mail merge wizard is accessed from the Find Contact, Find Client or Find Supplier page by clicking the Mail Merge option on the Task Bar. The following diagram shows the steps involved:



The templates that are available in the mail merge wizard are those that are located in the correct template directory as defined in the Maintenance>System>Document Creation Settings window. If you cannot see a template you require in the wizard, you will need to check with your system administrator where the correct template path is and make sure the required template is in that location. You can create new mail merge templates from within the first step of the wizard if the template you require does not exist. You will also need to save this into the correct directory.

You can use the Save a list and Open a list options in the Find page Task Bar to make the mail merge process even quicker. Once you have searched for the contacts or clients you want to include in a mail merge and have them listed in the Find page, you can click the Save a list option and enter a name for the list, for example 'Golf Invite Clients', so you do not have to search and refine the list if it is required again. Next time you can just click the Open a list option and select it. All the required contacts will then be redisplayed for you.

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