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Contact or Client Record: Document tab

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The Documents tab is used to create and maintain a database of documents that relate to contacts or clients.

You can create or link files at both the contact or client level. Having files listed within the Client record encourages effective management of documents and allows others within the practice to easily find information related to a client. You can store most types of files in this way, for example, all of the following file types can be stored or linked to in the Documents tab:

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Internet web pages (HTML)
  • PDFs
  • Microsoft Access database files
  • Bitmaps
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Movies and sound clips.

Note: existing and new documents are only linked to contacts or clients; they do not store copies of the original files. These documents need to be backed up separately using your system backup procedures.

Using the buttons available you can insert new documents, link to existing documents and folders, or delete documents that have been attached to the contact or client. Clicking on a document will open the document in the program it was created in.

When you open a file by clicking the blue hyperlinked filename in the Document tab, the program in which the file was saved will automatically open, displaying the file. This saves you time opening the document yourself.

You can also link to a folder within your system, saving time in accessing documents that may not be suitable for direct linking. Clicking on the link opens Windows Explorer at the linked directory, showing the contents in one step. A linked folder shows the directory path in the Description field.

Toolbar button

What it does....


Open a document based on a template button.

This button opens the Add Document window where you can create a new document based on an existing Microsoft Word template.


Add a new template button.

This button opens the Word window where you can create a new template which can be used to create client documents.


Link to an existing document button.

This option allows you to browse for and create a link to any file that already exists.


Link to an existing directory button.

This option allows you to browse for and create a link to any folder on your system.



Delete button

This button prompts you to first delete the link to the document and if you click the Yes button, it will then ask you if you want to delete the file from your system. If you choose this option you will permanently delete the file from your system.

You can also use this option to delete linked directory folders.

Note: when you create a document in the Document tab, it is saved according to the default setting for where documents are saved as determined by the path entered in the Maintenance area. This path is configured by your system administrator.


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