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Import/Export : Nominal Mappings

You can specify how imported nominal codes are mapped to CCH AP codes.

Create a New Nominal Mapping

  1. On the main menu, select Maintenance > Accounts > Import TB > Nominal Mapping.  


The Import TB Nominal Mappings tab allows you to create new and also to edit existing mapping files.

  1. In the Import TB Nominal Mappings tab, select Create Mapping File and the Entity, Chart and Master Pack version for which the mapping is being created.
  2. Create the mapping file from scratch, manually entering the information relating to the External Code, optional External Name and the CCH Account Code it is to be mapped to.
    Import the data for the first 2, or all 3 columns from a text file.

Manual entry

For manual entry, you do not need to enter anything in the Import File Name or Formatting fields. Click the entry line and enter information for each line, as follows:

  • External Code The code of the nominal account in the system to be imported from.
  • External Name The name of the account as entered in the system to be imported from.
  • Account Code The CCH nominal account code that transaction bearing the external code should be posted to in CCH AP.


  1. To import a mapping file, enter the Import File Name, or use the Browse button to select it, set the format of the file being imported, e.g. Comma Separated, and click Import. The file will be imported and the information presented in the grid in the lower half of the screen.
  2. If the check box Import AP Code is not selected, the first two columns will be populated with the first two fields on each line of the import file, which must contain the code from the third party system and the account description. If the check box is selected, the system will also import the third field and insert it in the Account Code column.
  3. After import, you can edit the data presented in the grid, completing or changing the Account Code being mapped to.
  4. If you have previously created a System mapping file and you wish to edit it, select the Edit System Mapping File radio button, select the Mapping Name and then amend the mapping as per above.
  5. If you have previously created a Client Mapping File and you wish to edit it, select Edit Client Mapping File, amend the file as required and then save the changes. If you wish to promote your changes to a system mapping then select the Convert to system mapping file button.

Save the Nominal Mapping Data

After you have defined the mappings, enter a unique Mapping Name to identify the mapping file and click Save.



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