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Relationship Address Mapping

Relationship Address Mappings show you which associations and addresses are used for data presented in the financial statements. It is recommended that the CCH settings are never changed as the change affects all clients.

Access Relationship Address Mapping

  1. Click File > Maintenance > Accounts > Relationship Address Mapping from the main menu. The Relationship Address Mapping grid is displayed.


Relationship Address Mapping Grid

Some relationships are fixed and at present cannot be changed, such as Has Director Of.

The columns in this grid are as follows:

  • Role Name - The name of the data that is presented in the financial statements. This is fixed and 'read only'.
  • Alias - The code used in formats to insert the data. This is fixed and 'read only'.
  • Relationship - The Relationship type is used to provide the data. For example, in the case of the Auditor’s name and address, this is picked up from the contact record that is associated by the type has auditor of. This is editable and when you click in a cell, a drop down list is available for you to select from. This list includes an entry of <None>. If you select this, as seen in Business Address in the above image, it tells the system to not look via an associated contact to find the address but to look in the client record itself.
  • Address type - This determines the address type to use to retrieve the address to use. In the image above these are all set to Main, so the main address of the related contact, or the client will be used. You can edit this. If you click in an Address Type cell, a drop down list will become available for you to select from.


As an example, take the line containing the Registered Office. This indicates that the address of the registered office will be drawn from the contact record that is associated with the client via the association type Has registered office. Alternatively, you may wish to record the registered office as an address record in the client’s Address tab. You can do this by changing the line to read:

Providing Registered Office has been set up as an address type. From this point that is where the system will draw this data. However, this is a system wide setting so it will affect all clients and you need to be absolutely sure before changing it. Other Relationship Address Mappings should not be changed at all.



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