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How to Join the Northern User Group (NUG)




The Year 2023 Subscription is £360, made payable to 'The CCH Northern User Group', and this covers attendance at all three meetings and circulation of meeting minutes etc. There is no limit on the number of delegates a firm can send to a meeting, and most member firms ensure that they are represented at each product sub-group in which they have an interest. A separate charge of £65 per delegate is made for lunch and refreshments.

The Group perceives that the benefits of membership far outweigh the level of the subscription, particularly given the cost of half-day and full-day seminars and courses these days.


Originally known as the MGE Northern User Group, the CCH Northern User Group was formed in 1985 as a regional alternative to the MGE National User Group which met in London. Early meetings were held under the auspices of MGE, and the first independent meeting took place on 26 September 1986.

Since those early meetings, the Group has been named the Paxus Northern User Group, the Solution 6 Northern User Group, the MYOB Northern User Group, and now the CCH Northern User Group, adopting the latest company name; however, the Group is independent of CCH, and this attribute has been fiercely defended to this day.

Early meetings were held at the Huddersfield Offices of MGE Systems. Upon the closure of these premises, meetings alternated between The Pennine Hilton Hotel (now The Cedar Court Hotel) in Huddersfield and member firms' premises, before settling permanently at The Cedar Court Hotel in 1988.

The Group was very much CCH PerTAX-orientated at the beginning, with the number of members using the HAPAS product swelling the size of the Group and resulting in the formation of separate sub-groups. The growth in the CCH product base has seen the existence today of four product sub-groups for Tax Products (CCH Personal Tax and CCH Corporation Tax); Accounting Products (CCH Accounts Production and Twinfield); Trust Products and Central (CCH Central, CCH Practice Management and CCH Document Management).

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Apply to join 

Potential member firms who wish to discuss aspects of the group in greater detail or apply for membership should contact the Secretary, Ian Kelly, at

You can raise items for discussion at our meetings. New members are always welcome.

Contact details 

If you'd like to contact one of our officers directly to raise an agenda for the next meeting or have another question for the Chair Person, Secretary, CCH Accounting sub-group chair, CCH Trust Accounts sub-group chair and/or CCH Central sub-group chair visit Officers.

Information! Northern User Group members can apply to join our 'User Group - Northern' group on our Support Portal where they will see News/Posts regarding the Northern User Group and where they can interact with other Northern User Group members.


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