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How to access Service Appointments via the Services tab

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What is a Service Appointment?

A Service Appointment represents a Consultancy or Training session or sessions you have purchased.  These will be booked by our Professional Services Team.  You will be contacted by either your Project Manager or a member of our Scheduling Team to agree dates and times.

How to view your Service Appointments

To view your Service Appointments you will first need to login to the Support Portal. 

Where you are lead contact, you will be able to view all Service Appointments from the Services tab in the Support Portal. 


You can filter your appointments by 'All Open Service Appointments', 'All Closed Service Appointments' and 'All'.


  • 'All Open Service Appointments' shows you all 'scheduled but yet to be confirmed', 'confirmed' and 'in progress' appointments.
  • 'All Closed Service Appointments' shows you all Service Appointments that have been completed.
  • 'All' shows you all Service Appointments.

Who can view Service Appointments?

If you are the lead contact for the Service Appointments, you will be able to view them which means that if you are not the lead contact for the Service Appointments, you will not be able to view them.

You can request access to view all Service Appointments for your organisation by asking your Account Manager or Professional Services Planner to apply the correct access rights to your account. 

Having access to all Service Appointments will also allow you to click the 'Follow' button to receive updates on any Service Appointments you wish to have sight of.


How to view more information related to your Service Appointments

By clicking on the Service Appointment you will see more information about your Service Appointment.


How to view the agenda related to the Training/Consultancy Service Appointment

To view the course contents for each individual Service Appointment (where this is applicable), click 'Service Appointment'.  From here you will be able to click on the 'Parent Record' which is the Order line you purchased from your Account Manager. 


The knowledge area is located to the right or you can select an Article from the 'Related Quick Links' area in the header bar.  This will link you directly to the Course contents and any prerequisite you may require before attending the course.



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