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Meet the Support Team

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Our Support Team members are carefully selected for their knowledge, expertise in their chosen fields and their natural willingness to help others.  We have three dedicated teams that work closely with our customers and soon we will share profiles from the Support Agents that work in their chosen area of expertise.

Constanta Lupu: Manager Client Services

With 16 years of experience in diverse Customer Operations roles, Constanta discovered her intrinsic inclination toward people management. Bringing individuals together to achieve common objectives is a motivating aspect of her professional journey. Having overseen teams of up to 500 people in significant contact center operations spanning various industries, including telecom and internet service providers, she relocated to London nearly 5 years ago, having extensive experience in back-office operations. Beyond her professional pursuits, she holds a deep passion for art, actively engaging in "collecting" memberships to museums and galleries.

During leisurely moments, she might relish a Sunday walk along the Thames with her son, an activity that may or may not culminate in a shared enjoyment of a football match.

Kyri Yiallouris: 1st Level Support Manager, Customer Service

The 1st level Support Team is the entry point for handling customer queries, for all Wolters Kluwer products. Support agents work to resolve cases quickly and effectively without compromising our service standards, before escalating to the 2nd level Support Team if required. There is collectively many years’ experience within the 1st level Support Team and Kyri personally has been with Wolters Kluwer for over 36 years.

Kyri is driven by continuously delivering the level of service our customers deserve and working with the team to ensure they have the support required to do this. In his spare time Kyri takes volunteering to a whole new level, working with a local charity that helps the homeless and vulnerable.  As a qualified football coach with a dodgy knee, he uses sport as a vehicle to help and mentor young people. 

We should also mention that Kyri met his wife Stephanie, at Wolters Kluwer and to this day they still work together and remain happily married!


Kitty Cheung: Customer Support Team Manager, Specialists

Kitty’s role involves leading our team of specialists responsible for helping customers resolve queries relating to the applications they use.  This helps our customers deliver a good service to their clients. Her particular areas of expertise are Accounts Production and Making Tax Digital.

25 years at Wolters Kluwer and Kitty still enjoys working directly with customers and says she never fails to learn something new every day.  In addition, she is always keen to learn about the new technology that is constantly being implemented to help customers achieve their goals. Outside of work Kitty has a range of interests including baking, cooking and travelling.

She cites reading as an interest too but very specifically, National Geographic!


Richard Roberts: Manager, Technical Customer Service

Richard has been with Wolters Kluwer for 15 years and heads up the Third Line Technical Support Team here at Wolters Kluwer.  This team deals with the more complex technical aspects of customer support including:

  • Application support
  • Database environment configuration and optimisation
  • Environmental trouble shooting and optimisation, and
  • Application and data fixes

It comes as no surprise that Richard’s area of speciality is computer/network science and his outside interests include Quantum Physics, Behavioural Science and 3D Computer Generated Graphics. It is with some relief that we can also mention he loves a good Sci-fi/horror movie! In addition to all the technical stuff, Richard loves problem solving in his role and affecting positive change.  He is also a mentor and whenever he gets a chance, enjoys interacting with customers.

To finish, an interesting fact is that Richard’s father in-law designed the Grenadian national flag.


Kasthury Ravishankar: 1st Level Support Manager, Customer Service

Kas leads the Support Team at CCH who provide application support on both Compliance and Non-compliance software to our customers.  She has been with Wolters Kluwer for 12 years and is well versed in identifying the causes of issues or queries regarding software.  

Once a support case is created via our Support Portal, Kas and her team work with our experienced software consultants and product developers to resolve any issues that may have been identified. In her role, Kas loves nothing more than managing and motivating the team and finding ways to improve processes and procedures, all the time striving to provide excellent customer service. In her own words “my job is all about making positive impact which is what I love about it”.

Kas has a keen interest in software and technology, but away from work, she is a proud Mum to three girls which includes a set of twins.


Kanta Khimani: Senior Records & Forms Associate

On a daily basis Kanta is responsible for working with internal and external customers that have questions about joining and using the Support Portal and she is a true advocate when it comes to communicating the benefits of joining. Seeing first-hand the ease of searching the Community for knowledge and support makes sharing her enthusiasm with customers a genuine pleasure.

Kanta has been with Wolters Kluwer for 34 years so has vast knowledge of the systems and processes used to help our customers.  This makes her particularly adept at solving any issues that arise. In addition to helping customers, Kanta also gets involved with organising events such as off-site meetings, Christmas parties and travel bookings so there is never a dull moment in her working day.

When asked what her interests are away from work, Kanta stated ‘playing badminton and cooking’.  Oh, and winning the lottery so she can travel first class around the world.



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