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Case Study : Ryecroft Glenton

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How Ryecroft Glenton use CCH KPI Monitoring to save time and speed up productivity

This guide provides an overview of product features and related technologies. In addition, it contains recommendations on best practices, tutorials for getting started, and troubleshooting information for common situations.

Headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, Ryecroft Glenton are a large independent chartered accountant in the North East, with more than eighty employees. They use Wolters Kluwer’s CCH KPI Monitoring solution to set up automatic bespoke alerts, so that they know when they have reached particular milestones.

We spoke to partner Ian Smith, who explained how the firm’s investment in CCH KPI Monitoring now brings substantial benefits. “You don’t need someone sitting in an office, running reports and trawling through the data,” Ian told us. “CCH KPI Monitoring carries on monitoring and reminding 24/7."

Ryecroft Glenton have used CCH KPI Monitoring for several years now, and have a number of staff who can create alerts with the solution.

“We’re definitely seeing a return,” Ian observed. “In fact, it would be difficult to live without the software now. We have all the usual alerts running from CCH Practice Management, like reminders for the weekly timesheets. If the previous week hasn’t been completed, you get a warning on Day 1 of the following week. Another is sent on Day 2, and then on Day 3 the staff partner is sent a copy! This keeps track of all completed and outstanding timesheets, and the days or weeks that have elapsed. The whole process is very tightly managed, but it doesn’t need any manual intervention. No one has to physically run off reports or chase people up.”

Ryecroft Glenton has its own internal system which consolidates information from a number of sources. These include CCH Central and CCH Practice Management, and they can run alerts against these as well.

Ahead of the curve

“We can also use CCH KPI Monitoring to trigger a series of reminders,” Ian said. “For example, we can use the year end date: have we asked for the books? Have they been received? If a request to a client has been outstanding for a certain period, the partner will receive an alert via email. For limited companies, the corporation tax and Companies House filing deadlines can also be monitored. It works similarly for pension schemes. We’ve been ahead of the curve in using dates like this as a trigger.” In summary, CCH KPI Monitoring helps partners and staff at Ryecroft Glenton to complete work within deadlines – preparing accounts, getting client sign-off, completing the CT return, filing, etc. It does all this completely automatically, meaning you don’t need to manually run reports and trawl data. “This cuts down our overheads,” Ian said. “Even if admin staff are sick or absent for whatever reason, CCH KPI Monitoring carries on monitoring and reminding 24/7.”

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