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Community Updates

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We are continually making enhancements and updates to the Support Portal to improve your user experience. Below you will find a list of recent changes.

Date  Update
01/08/2023 New press coverage x 4 and new podcasts including Accountex live
18/07/2023 New press coverage and updates to Help Guide for Admin Users in response to feedback
14/07/2023 Support Portal Tour video on homepage
04/07/2023 New webinar date published on Webinars & Podcasts page
26/06/2023 Press coverage, Support Portal webinar and our latest podcast (PRIDE edition)
30/05/2023 New press coverage plus update to help guide for new Support Portal users introducing Google Captcha into the process
25/04/2023 Latest Podcast, Press Coverage x 2 and Meet & Greet article (Ed Franklin)
03/04/2023 Uploads: Latest Podcast, Press Coverage and Meet & Greet article (Crawford Millar)
20/03/2023 Navigation:  A new look and feel that is easier to navigate.  This may mean that some tabs have moved slightly to facilitate better use of our tools
20/03/2023 Case Creation:  Step 1 of case creation now includes pop up knowledge recommendations that may provide some insight on your question/s before you have created the case
20/03/2023 Resolved Cases: Resolved cases are now visible from within the 'All Closed Cases' tab below the cases menu to better distinguish between open and resolved/closed cases
20/03/2023 Articles:  We have enhanced the look and feel of our knowledgebase articles to improve readability for you.  In addition, we have included an option at the bottom of every knowledge article asking for your feedback on how helpful the article was.  We would really appreciate your use of this feedback feature to enable us to improve our content further.
20/03/2023 Included 'The Heart of the Support Portal', a new section where we can share stories, meet others and be inspired.
10/03/2023 A new look and feel was introduced for the Wolters Kluwer Account login process and account activation.


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