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Training & Consultancy



Implementation Meeting

The implementation of each module starts with an implementation meeting with a qualified Consultant.  (Please note different Consultants are qualified in different areas of the system, so you will almost certainly work with more than one Consultant during the course of your project.)  These meetings vary in length and content from module to module but, in general, the purpose is as follows:

  • Provide an overview of the scope of the specific module
  • Discuss the set-up options available and how to configure to ensure maximum benefit
  •  Discuss your current processes and how these might change using the software to deliver best practice
  • Discuss and plan your training programme to meet your needs            

It is very important this meeting is attended by at least one senior representative from the practice who can make decisions on how the software will be configured in your environment.   The Consultant running the meeting will add the detail of what has been agreed for your implementation, including the training plan, to this Project Journal.

An essential step in the implementation is to brief everyone in your organisation on the changes or impacts to them from adopting the new software and ensure that they are on-board with the significant undertaking to which your business has committed.  There will not be adequate time within the session for the Consultant to employ the necessary change management techniques to make this a smooth transition for your business and a suitable resource from your business should be assigned to this task at the outset of the project.


Training and consultancy days are designed to give clients an understanding of the functionality available in the system and how to use the modules purchased.  The system is configurable to client requirements and whilst the Consultant can offer advice, it is the client's responsibly to understand their full requirements for the system and to allocate sufficient resource to the project to complete the client tasks as defined in the Project Plan.

The Project Manager will agree an implementation Project Plan at the onset of the project and it is important the correct Users attend the relevant training / consultancy days, uninterrupted, for the full period of the training.  Details and pre-requisites of individual days will be supplied separately.  Sufficient resource should be allocated to complete the relevant tasks following the training.

Your training will not necessarily be performed by the same consultant who ran your implementation meeting; and if it’s not, the details recorded at the implementation meeting will be used as a hand-over so that the trainer is fully briefed on your specific requirements.  These details will be in the appropriate tab in this Project Journal.  

Our standard training / consulting hours are 09:30hrs to 16:30hrs with a reasonable break for lunch.  Training/consultancy should take place in a suitable room with a projector or a TV to connect to.  Please inform your Consultant if you don't have a suitable training environment so that you can discuss options.  We offer two different types of training, as follows, and will provide guidance on which is appropriate in which circumstance.             

‘Hands on’ which is designed for a maximum of 6 delegates onsite or 10 online             

‘Show and Tell’ which can accommodate a larger number if the training facilities can cater for that many delegates.

Training Assumptions

You agree to provide the following for the receipt of this training:

  • Access to and the correct security level permissions for the office where this delivery work will take place
  • A quiet room
  • Access to a PC (desktop or laptop) with administration permissions installed on it prior to the training date as stated in this Project Journal. For remote training this workstation must have full administration rights and an internet connection.
  • A flipchart or white board
  • A digital projector              

We will:

  • Deliver training/consultancy as per the agenda
  • Allow you to install as many copies of products as required for the purpose of your training session. Where you are so provided with copies of the products in addition to those you are currently licensed for under the Standard Terms and Conditions, these must be uninstalled upon completion of the training. Provided this is adhered to, your use of additional licenses of products for training purposes will not constitute a breach of your license terms and conditions.
  • Provide sample files for use with the exercises in the training manual until the attendees are confident enough to move onto their own data.
Training Materials

We will provide agendas for all training and consultancy.  In addition to any documentation your Consultant shares as follow up to your session, there is a wealth of knowledge and training materials available to you on the Support Portal, including eLearning modules to get you started.

Please bear in mind that during the course of the project you will be encouraged to review your business processes to ensure your practice gains maximum benefit from your new software so we strongly recommend producing your own in-house procedural guides which combine your business processes with the new system functionality.


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