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Introduction to Implementations



All of the basic information that you need to start thinking about your project and to set your expectations on how it will be planned and managed.

The below is designed to provide all the basic information you need to start thinking about your project and to set your expectations on how it will be planned and managed.

Hardware Specification

You will have been given a copy of our standard hardware specification. If not, please do not hesitate to ask your Project Manager for one.

Project Launch Meeting

This meeting will be with your assigned Project Manager and in most cases, your Account Manager. The meeting is essentially a two-way fact-finding exercise. The purpose is to discuss your order, the scope of your project, current systems, conversion requirements, potential roll out sequence, project timeframe, approach to training, project constraints, etc.

Project Scope

Your Project Manager will then prepare a Project Scope document for you to agree and approve.

Project Plan

Following the launch meeting, your Project Manager will start to structure your project and book the relevant Professional Services Consultants for implementation of the various modules you have ordered, in the sequence discussed in your project launch (or kick-off) meeting. We apply standard elapsed periods of time between certain tasks. For example, there is generally at least a week between an Implementation Meeting and the start of user training.

We also recommend a gap between the implementation of each module. A project can become very intense and users often struggle with too much to absorb too quickly. Once a draft project plan is available we will discuss it with you to confirm it meets your expectations and that the scheduled dates are convenient.

Legacy Software

We strongly suggest you do not give notice to your existing software provider/s until your project plan has been approved and you are clear what the realistic project timeframe is. Depending on the notice period/s you may be expected to give, it can make sense to wait until the project is underway and you are 100% confident in achieving the planned schedule.

Please bear in mind that even the best managed projects can experience slippage and it would be sensible to retain an additional time window as a contingency.

Sequence of Implementation

There is no such thing as a completely standard project since every customer is different. Each implementation is tailored to the specific needs of the customer and most of the modules can be implemented in any sequence. However, as a general rule, Central, Practice Management and the data conversion happens first, Corporation Tax is implemented after Accounts Production and Document Management tends to be last, once everything else is up and running. Key stages will be:

  • Provide the appropriate hardware
  • Install the software
  • Populate the Central database with your clients’ standing data (your order may include a conversion from your existing systems)
  • If you are implementing Practice Management, populate your clients’ WIP & debt values (your order may include a conversion from your existing systems)
  • Implementation of each module which will involve an implementation meeting and structured training (see details, below) .
Project Timeline

This will be agreed with your Project Manager at an early stage; but, of course, may need to be reviewed and revised as the project progresses. If your project encompasses several modules we strongly suggest you do not try to cram everything into a very short timeframe which will put your business under intense pressure, especially when it comes to the preparation of data for a conversion. Equally, it is usually better not to spread it over too much elapsed time because goal posts move with business initiatives and it’s easy to lose momentum.

As a rough guide, each module will take one month to implement - this allows for an implementation meeting or call, a conversion if required and training on the product plus the time your business needs to prepare for and assimilate the new software. Please note our ability to commit to the project timeframe is directly related to the availability of our Professional Services Consultants and frequently they are booked for customer work two months in advance. Therefore, although we can start the planning process, there will likely be a lead time before your project can start in earnest.

As a matter of principle, Consultants cannot be committed to a project until the customer has the required hardware in place; or at least has a confirmed date for installation if new hardware has been ordered.

Mid-point Review, Post-Implementation Review & project sign off

During the project, and then again once your implementation is complete, we will request an implementation review meeting with you to discuss how the project has gone, what aspects were good or could have been better, etc. Ultimately this will help us to modify / enhance the way we deliver the remainder of your project and our projects in the future.

At the end of the project, assuming we jointly agree the project has achieved its objectives and is complete, we will ask you to formally sign it off and your Project Manager will effectively stand down.


Our Support function comprises a large team, structured and fully trained for each module, to help resolve any queries or issues you may have with using the software. You can log a case with Support either directly via the help function within the CCH suite or through the Support Portal or by phone.  Please see here for info on how to Register for our Support Portal.

Once you have logged a case, you will receive an e-mail which confirms your case number and you will be contacted by Support to provide the help and advice you need.  You can also gain access to all of our eLearning in MyLearningPortal in the Support Portal.

Please refer to your Welcome Email or speak to your Project Manager or Account Manager for your support registration details.


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