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CCH Software User Documentation

CCH Software Installation Release Service



Our technical consultants manage each step of your CCH Suite update also known as installation releases which coincide with our current development release schedule.

Our development lifecycle delivers regular major updates for our suite of products including our compliance software. Details of what is included in each release is available via communities. Customers and their IT support who are confident or have been trained by our teams to run the updates in house however we offer the service to run the updates on your behalf either remotely on your premise or via your hosted provider.

As part of our release update service, our consultant will discuss and plan the deployment of the CCH Suite across your business. Considering your requirements, impact of downtime, system availability, licensed modules and best practices available whilst formulating a plan for deployment. Confirmation of  the schedule and agreed plan will be sent via an email.

Note: Service packages for installation updates are available for 3 major releases in a year. Minor release (service packs) are not included in the service package. Installation Release Packages can be ordered via your account manager to accommodate normal business hours or out of hours (Mon-Thurs). 

Note: Additional services will be required to align your system with our current release where they are more than one version behind.  Complete this technical questionnaire regarding your environment to aid discussions and planning for your project. 




Once the service is complete you will receive an update installation report for your records.

Details of our currently supported environment can be found here and should be reviewed as part of planning any technical work involving the CCH Suite of products. 

The update installation process can be broken down into three key steps, the details within each stage will vary based on each project with responsilbilites shared with customers own IT support.

For some customer it may be preferable to arrange for an out of hours service to reduce downtime on your live systems during the core hours. This can be factored into scoping of the process.

  • Review of current infrastructure
  • Review of items requiring update
  • Impact assessment to business operation
  • Update schedule planning and key tasks allocation including backups
Server Side
  • Verification of environment and prerequisites to ensure compatibility
  • Validation of resources to optimise performance
  • Backup planning and execution for failsafe
  • Execution of update
End User Side
  • Update of end user deployment methodology
  • Deployment to key workstations
  • Deployment to Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Servers
  • Advise on and configure process to assist office wide deployment


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