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CCH Software User Documentation

Technical Training Services


Working with you and your technical teams we offer training workshops and webinars to support system optimisations as the technologies utilised evolve.

The CCH Central Suite is a multifaceted application consisting of numerous modules and dependencies on Microsoft technologies working along side dedicated propriety technology. This section summarises what is included as part of the Technical training service, no matter what size your business. Contact your account manager with any queries on the services provided and requirements specific to your business.

Overtime as systems are managed,  updates applied, and generally used  its inevitable that components can deviate from our best practice deployment practice.  With fast changing world of IT deployment, configuration methods also change over time as we aim to use latest technology. 

With the technical training service our consultants share our best practice guidance for your own in-house or 3rd party IT consultants, how to manage, update and deploy your CCH suite to your end users.

The training focus on key components relevant to your own CCH Suite and environment:

  • Suite version checks
  • Supported environment review
  • Update process using Central Suite Installer (CSI)
  • SQL version and patching overview
  • Data/Install Backup management
  • SQL Backup management
  • End user deployment


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