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CCH Software Technical Training Online



Training workshops to enhance your Practice's internal IT technical team's knowledge on CCH Suite structure and management best practices.

  • The CCH Central Suite is a multi-faceted application consisting of numerous modules and dependencies across the IT infrastructure. 
  • The CCH Central Suite forms a key backbone of any business and an efficient and precise management of the system is key to fluid operation.

Working with you and/or your technical teams, we offer training workshops with the aim of providing detailed technical knowledge to aid in the daily management of the suite.

During the Technical Training our consultants will cover and share our best practices, suite technical architecture details, day-to-day management tasks and How-To's. Following this Technical Training, your technical teams will be better informed to manage your CCH Central Suite operations. The training focuses on key components relevant to your specific CCH Suite and environment.

The Session is carried out remotely and has no impact to the end users availability of the system. 

Session Contents
  • CCH Suite Modules  breakdown and how to  validate Release versions  
  • CCH Suite Technical Modules breakdown and dependencies
  • Supported Environments  
  • Update process using Central Suite Installer (CSI) and independent updates.
  • SQL Database Management Considerations
  • Data Backup Management
  • SQL Backup Management
  • End User Deployment Methodology


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