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CCH Software User Documentation

CCH Database Backup Service Online



CCH Suite relies on Microsoft SQL Solution to store its data.

For any data processes in conjunction with CCH consultants a data backup will be required to take place before work can commence.

It is crucial that any backup processes of the databases used by CCH Suite are carried out to a strict process to ensure system stability.

Process requires SQL knowledge and server technical expertise to handle various system services and correct order of task.

 The consultancy offers a session to carry out the backup and system validation in event in house expertise is not available.

Session Content
  • Review current system state and prepare system for data backup
  • Verify and confirm SQL backups settings valid and correct for backup process.
  • Backup relevant SQL databases.
  • Review system settings and ensure system is in correct state relevant to the data project / backup requirement. 
  • Return CCH Suite to operational status and validate system operation if possible. Based on overall and other projects at that time in place.


  Session is carried out remotely and will impact system availability to users. 


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