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FAQs - Practice Management Conversions



Questions commonly asked regarding practice management conversions.
Can my customised reports be converted?

Customised reports from third-party software cannot be directly "converted" but our software includes numerous reports which cover most client requirements. During the implementation meeting we can discuss the various options within our reporting system that are open to you.

We can provide training on how to edit and tailor specific reports during the CCH Practice Management training days (which are outside the scope of these conversion services).

Can my customised billing templates/statements be converted?

Customised billing templates/statements from third-party software cannot be directly “converted” but we will provide you with a set of standard templates to cover various options during the implementation meeting.

If complex changes are required, you may need to order extra time.

Can my existing workflows be converted?

Existing workflows from third-party software cannot be directly “converted” but we will provide you with a number of workflow templates in the software.

Can the live data conversion be done out of hours?

Yes, this is possible. It will incur an increase in the standard cost of the Gold and Silver Services of 50%. With the bespoke service, it will be built into the outline and cost if required.

Can you assist with retrieving data from our existing system?

Yes, this is possible. It will incur an additional cost in all our data services.

How do I send my data to you securely?

At WKUK we adhere to strict global policies regarding the safe exchange of data with our customers. Customer data in any format should not be sent without password encryption. During your project you will sent a unique link to our secure portal WKUK Citrix Sharefile. For further information on how to add an encrypted password review this knowledge base article.

How long should I allocate to the project?

Where data conversion is part of a larger project the timelines are agreed with your project manager. For the data element it is never too soon to look at the quality of your data in the current system.

How many staff do I need working on the data project?

We recommend that you allocate a dedicated team to work on your data, how many will depend on a number of factors including the size of your customer base and the quality of the data which will require cleansing and verifying, each team member should be fully familiar with your practice as we rely on your team to confirm the data is correct before it is converted into your live system.

Do my team need advanced MS Excel skills?

Familiarity with MS Excel is essential but advanced skills are not required. It is more important the team are fully aware of your client data as they will be responsible for correcting any items highlighted by your consultants and during your cleansing exercise.


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