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Glossary of terms for Data Conversions
Term Explanation
Existing system The software you currently use to manage your data and business. Please advise if your system has any customised features outside of the standard database.
Open WIP Opening balances for client/business WIP.  No historical WIP data is converted.
Open Debtors Opening balances for client/business debt.  No historical Debtors data is converted.
Static (standing) data

This data typically comprises contact and clients contact details, and client on-boarding information. These include (but are not limited to): Client code, Salutation, Email, NI number, Postcode

Conversion spreadsheet An Excel spreadsheet that details all the fields that can be converted as part of the conversion process. Your data will be populated into this spreadsheet before it is converted (either by you or us, depending on the services you choose).
Contact import wizard A tool within the software that allows you to import static data from an Excel template.
Data checking The process of checking your data after each test conversion and the live conversion to confirm that it is in alignment with your expectations and knowledge from your existing system.
Implementation meeting This is where we discuss the overall implementation of the product into your practice and ensure your CCH Central database is configured correctly.
Data Conversion meeting This is where we discuss and define your data conversion requirements and either show you how to fill in the spreadsheets (for Silver) or discuss the extracted data (for Gold).
Conversion process The steps involved in taking your data from your existing system through to handing you back your populated CCH Central database
Conversion The process of taking the data from the Excel spreadsheet and populating or updating your CCH Central database
Test conversion A dry run of the conversion, which allows any issues with the data to be identified and discussed/corrected
Data remedial work The correction of any data issues identified in the test conversion, required to be completed before the live conversion. Examples can include duplicate client codes, duplicate email addresses, number/date format issues.
Live conversion The conversion, run at a defined date and time, which will produce a populated CCH Central database which will be handed back to you. Some downtime is inevitable, as you will not be able to make any changes in your existing system after providing us with a snapshot of your practice data.
Data cleansing Pre conversion data manipulation, required to tidy up your data. Carried out by you prior to the conversion process. This can be carried out by us but is not part of the standard services and will incur additional cost. This should be identified at the initial scoping to be included in your project plan.
Restore database Where we restore your database (remotely) to your live or test environment.
Database merge This is where two CCH Central database schemas are merged together. It is not covered by our standard conversion services – please speak to your Account Manager if you require this.
Database demerge This is where there is a requirement to generate multi CCH Central databases from an existing one. This is not covered by our standard services - please speak to your account manager if you require this.
Custom fields These are static data fields that you currently have within your existing system, but they do not exist within the standard CCH Central database. These can be created using the “Extra Fields” option as part of the standard conversion process.
Additional fields These fields exist within a standard CCH Central database, but are not part of the standard conversion routine. 
Extra fields These are user-defined fields (text, number, date, flag and choice) that can be added to the standard CCH Central database.



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