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Gold Service



The Gold Service Migration package for practice management is where you provide us with a copy of your existing practice management database (MS SQL).

With the Gold Data Migration service, the bulk of the work is done by us. Once you’ve provided us with a copy of your current systems SQL database, we will generate the data extracts, complete a spreadsheet template and recommend any data cleansing work to be carried out by you before we start converting your data.

We will run a test migration, and work with you to review the converted data, enabling you to check your data and amend it as needed. If you have a test environment, we can provide you with the migrated data for you to restore and test. After the testing, we carry out the live migration and restore the database for you, there is an option for your own IT providers to restore the data with guidance.

We can migrate standing client data and employee data, work in progress, and debtor opening balances or open transactions (with no history); other CCH Central fields are not migrated as standard and a quote for additional fields may be requested. 

All these tasks are carried out to an agreed timetable, which you’ll plan with your Project Manager. Timing is key in this activity - to allow you to check data during the conversions and not impact your operations, so your Project Manager will provide clarity on when you’ll need to complete your activity in preparation for each next stage. Your dedicated Project Manager will give you guidance and first-line support during your data conversion and software implementation.

Migrations into an existing Central system will require downtime unless performed out of hours.






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